So, lots of people have been asking me, when is the next Progressive Dinner by bicycle?

That is simple – Sunday, the 20th of May.

If you don’t know what this is all about, let me fill you in.  Last year we decided to do a progressive dinner fundraiser.  We started at the Hub and rode around the city making stops to eat food from great folks such as Suddenly Sauer, Neighborhood Noodle, Pie-Sci, and Organaman (there was also a stop with food provided by Darrin).
The ride had an entry fee.  That fee got you a ride led by The Hub staff to gastronomic locations harboring treats for you.  I’m gonna go ahead and speak for others – it was awesome and everyone loved it.  The profits of the event went to fund our youth programming here at Back Alley Bikes.

So on to this year.  We got some new faces in the game and a few old.  This year the ride will be on May 20th.  Registration will be $30 to access wonderful food by Native Kitchen, Detroit Vegan Soul, Scott Grenerth and Organaman.

So how do I sign up for this?  Well, your first chance is in person at our Open House on Saturday, the 28th of April.  The Open House will take place in our Back Alley Bikes space from 4pm-7pm.  You will need to bring $30 cash with you and we can sign you up.  We will have an online sign up beginning the next day on the 29th.  After the 28th you can continue to sign up in person at our retail shop if you don’t want to go the online route.
There is no limit as to how many people you can sign up at once, so if you want to sign up a group of folks, you can do that, you just need the dollahs to do it.

Other things to know about this May’s progressive dinner by bike:
1) You need YOUR OWN bike in working order

2) Registration will begin at 2:30pm with the first group taking off around 3:30pm.  Everyone should be done around 7pm.

3) Helmets are strongly encouraged

4) Food is provided at each stop with the appropriate plasticware but if you bring your own reusable utensils that will help reduce trash generated by this event.

5) You are encouraged to mingle with the food providers!  Ask them questions about ingredients, where they sell their products, how they got started and tell them how great their food is!  As much as this is an event for the bike shop and a celebration of bikes in the city, it is also a celebration of local food.  Don’t miss out on that part.

6) In relation to #4 and #5, FOOD is served at each stop, it is highly encouraged that you bring your own water bottle.  The event is BYOB.  Last year some folks sold soda at one of the stops for an additional charge.  So there may be drinks or additional food items for purchase at different stops – BRING CASH if you want in on that stuff.

7) This is an all ages event.  Youth under 17 need to be accompanied by an adult.  If you choose to share your food with your child (under the age of 12) they can ride along for free.

8) We ask that there are no adult “ride alongers”.  We don’t want to exclude families from participating, but for adults we ask that if you aren’t registered for the ride, (even if you aren’t eating) you sit it out.  The reason for this is that we arrange the ride for the maximum number of riders.  This makes things easier for our food vendors and it also keeps our ride safe.  We aren’t trying to turn the event into a critical mass or tour de troit (not that those things are bad, but they are different kinds of events).


So, see you at the Open House or keep your eyes peeled here for the online sign up!

– jason x