So I gots a few updates for ya:

1) This is the last week to register for the Progressive Dinner.  We already have over 20 people registered which is great.  I know there are more of you that want to come.
In the final week, you can help us advertise the ride.  Pick up some extra fliers at the shop or download the PDF right here to print one off yourself.
Also you can show your family and friends this coming Wednesday’s edition of the Detroit News where they are going to write a blurb about us and help get the word out about the Progressive Dinner.
Registration ends on September 11th so get on it!
PS – Did I mention the Pie-Sci guys that make pizza at the Woodbridge Pub have now been confirmed to be helping with the progressive dinner?  Well, they are in.  Just another reason to register.

2) The Hamtramk Labor Day Festival is in it’s final day right now.  Joey is hanging out at our table meeting folks.  I know I met a lot of great people yesterday.  If you’ve come to the website after meeting us – welcome!  We hope to see you around the shop soon.
Your next chance to see us in the streets behind a table is at the 34th Dally in the Alley.  It is gonna be Joey and I again out there doing bike parking.  Come say hello and hang out with us before going to see Noman play.

3) Oh yeah, that GroupOn fundraiser thing we were doing last week?  Well, we got it.  We raised enough money to hire one of our teenage mechanics in training for another month.  This is great.  Brandon has worked hard all summer and deserves it, we hope he only improves in his skills.
Our other two graduating Mechanics in Training, Jacob and Justin, have been amazing as well.  Hopefully they will join the likes of Na’eemah and Carlisha and join us again some day as “grown up” staff.  That or they will just become the best bike mechanics in their neighborhood and keep all their friends rolling.

So much good news and the month is only 5 days in.
– jason x