Adult Mechanic Class – Sundays @ 2pm

Each Sunday we offer our Adult Mechanic Class. This class is for those aged 18 and older that want to learn about bike repair.

How does the class work?
Show up by 2pm and we will discuss the weeks topic as a group. We’ll give you an idea of vocabulary for bike parts and tools we’ll be using. We’ll also discuss different concepts about why the day’s repair is important to know about. Then the second half of class is a hands on portion. We will demonstrate a repair and then you’ll do it! We welcome you to work on your own bike; however, we have bikes available for you to practice on.

Everything wraps up at 4pm.

What does this cost?
We suggest a $10 donation, but we understand that not everyone has $10. Donate if you can, otherwise don’t sweat it. If you can donate and register for all 5 courses at your first class for $40, we’ll give you a multi-tool when you complete the class!

What are the subjects?
There are five different subjects that we rotate. Every once in a while we throw in a special topic to the rotation. Otherwise it goes like this:

  1. Flat Fix & Wheel Truth
  2. Brakes
  3. Shifting and Drivetrain
  4. Bottom Brackets and Headset
  5. Hubs
  6. Special topic- check the calendar!

If you come five weeks in a row you will have covered a whole bike. Plenty of folks will take the class more than once to get more practice. We also recommend taking the class and then volunteering at Back Alley Bikes to practice those skills.