• Bike of the Now: Hop Skip & Jump

    Schwinn MTB Sidewinder, blue 41 cm mountain bike, 18 speed, 26” wheels, Kenda 1.95 tires, Shimano SIS derailleurs, Sun Race shifters, center pull brakes, quick release seat post, Schwinn saddle, bottle mount, $150. The Sidewinder was Schwinn’s first mountain bike. Mountain bikes are designed for off road antics: screaming down hills, bunny hopping over logs, Read more

  • Bike of the Now: Premium Rush Edition

    Unknown Manufacturer, 51 cm red/chrome aluminum diamond frame, single speed fixie, 700c X 28 steel wheels, Kenda 90 psi tires, side pull Tektro brakes, quick release seat post & front wheel, Origin 8 crank, kickstand, bottle mount. $175 A fixie is a fixed-gear bike, which means that if the back wheel is turning, the crank Read more

  • Bike of the Now: You Must Be This Tall To Ride

    Dawes Galaxy, yellow & chrome, 64 cm Reynolds 531 lugged diamond frame, 10 speed, new 27” Kenda tires on quick release wheels with Weinmann rims, center pull brakes, Sun Tour V-GT luxe & Sun Tour 7 derailleurs, Selle Royale saddle,  kickstand. Made in England. $300. This is one big beautiful bike. You’ll have to be Read more

  • Bike of the Now: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love This Bike

    RAND Advanced Technology Trail Blazer, blue 18” frame, single speed, 26” wheels, new tires, coaster brake in back, side pull brake in front, raised handlebars, bottle mount, kickstand, Bell saddle. $100  RAND Corporation is a globe-spanning think tank, headquartered in Santa Monica, with ties to the Pentagon, universities, numerous governments, economic foundations & technology companies Read more

  • Bike of the Now: Long Haul Edition

      Surly Long Haul Trucker, White Smoke, 4130 CroMoly steel diamond frame, 27 speed, SRAM X7 9 speed rear derailleur, Microshift Bar-Con bar ends 3 x 9-speed shifters, Tektro CR720 cantilever brakes, 3 attachment points for racks, 3 water bottle mounts, brand new, $1050. Suppose you need to get yourself to Buenos Aires, stat, but you Read more

  • Bike of the Now: Pretty & Powerful

    Huffy Savannah Comfort Touring, dark salmon*, 18” step-through frame, 10 speed, Shimano Tourney derailleurs, 26” mountain bike tires, kickstand, pinstriped fenders, exceptionally comfy seat, side pull brakes. $150 At first glance this bike might appear to be one of those faux-retro nostalgia deals that look better than they ride. But look closer: it’s a 10 speed Read more

  • Bike of the Now: Equal Size Wheels!

    Bianchi Limited 1983, Eggplant, 58 cm lugged Ishiwata O22 CrMo diamond frame, 12 speed, 700C wheel, SunTour Cyclone Mark-II, Dia Compe 500 side pull brakes, quick release fore & aft, Aero saddle, bottle mount. $400 Here is a great example of Bianchi’s innovative architecture,  which has been catching on with more & more bike manufacturers Read more

  • Bike of the Now: Post Apocalyptic Edition

    Ross Europa, blue, single speed, 50 cm, new 26″ tires, coaster brake, banana seat, riser bars. $115 Suppose the  government shutdown goes on indefinitely, metastasizing into a deadlock on the debt ceiling, resulting in a default on payments owed by the United States, triggering a wave of defaults & an new global recession. Markets collapse, Read more

  • Bike of the Far Future As Seen From the Distant Past

    J.C. Higgins, copper 48.5cm lugged cantilever frame, 3 speed internal hub, 26″ wheels, sidepull brakes, chrome fenders, chrome chain guard, chrome racks front & back, kickstand. $400 Oh baby, there is just so much to love about this exuberantly retro-futuristic beauty. Consider all the bright & unspoiled chrome; if you come in the shop, ask Read more

  • Bike of the Now: Butch Lion Edition

    Peugeot, Royal Blue, 60 cm lugged Carbolite frame, 7 speed, SunTour derailleur, 700c Schwalbe tires, quick release front & back, bottle & pump mounts, Cloud 9 saddle,  long sleeve grip, Tektro R559 side-pull brakes. ProBuilt. $700 A racy beauty with all new components. The frame is contracted from Carbolite, an alloy of frozen yogurt that Read more