Hey ya’ll,
Sunday was awesome!  I didn’t really sleep Saturday night as I was busy until 10pm and I know that this is true for other folks here at Back Alley Bikes as well.  Plus how can you sleep when you are about to embark on a 24 hour adventure?  Right.

At midnight, when Saturday turned into Sunday, Joey was watching the shop while I rode with our new friend Diane Weiss.  Sure it was cold outside in the middle of the night with a light snow falling, but after our first five mile lap we were taking a few layers off due to overheating.
Soon enough Heather, Joe, James and Joey had joined in on the riding.
We stopped to eat some snacks, rode laps together and fixed a few too many flats.  Around 6am is when most of us had slowed down.  Darrin and Jack had showed up by this time to keep the ride going.  I missed some time sleeping on the couch.

Check out this sweet photo by Diane of Heather and myself riding through some steam on Cass.  This was probably around 2am?

Photo by Diane Weiss
Photo by Diane Weiss


When I awoke around 10am I found Joey sleeping on a large pile of tubes like a complete champ.  A few other folks had gone home to sleep.  Others had returned and were going strong.

Oddly enough the day time was worse than the middle of the night.  The wind picked up and it actually rained/sleeted a few times.  It was kind of miserable, but we pressed on.  Sure we rode a little slower.  Though by this time Joel had shown up and…I’m not sure what slows him down.  Olivia came later in the evening and was one of the few people that was able to ride with Joel.
Around 6:15pm Joel and myself finished our 100th mile together.  We ordered some pizza (from Pie-Sci) and a few of us had dinner around 7:30pm.  After a day of riding and a full stomach we ended up chatting and hanging out.  Fresh off work Shayne showed up and started riding.  A little bit after him, Heather made her return to put in her last 25 miles of the night to reach her 75 mile goal.

We totaled 610 miles over 24 hours with 12 riders for one bike shop.

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Thanks ya’ll!
– jason x