“Bikes of the Now”

We have dozens of meticulously rebuilt bikes for sale in the shop at a time. They don’t stay around for long, so every week sees fresh arrivals. Here’s a sample of what’s available right now.

(To see more of the bikes that have been sold, check out Bikes of the Then.)


1. Univega Rover T2.5, blue /white, 46 cm chromalloy frame, 21 speed, 26″ Schwinn machined alloy rims, fat Hemisphere tires, Shimano Altus shifters & derailleurs, quick release front & saddle, kickstand, 2 bottle mounts. $200

Here’s a sturdy ride with 21 speeds to get you through the toughest terrain. Those tires will catch the eye of anyone you pass. It’s a rolling work of art.


2. Schwinn Varsity, red-orange, 52cm diamond frame, 10 speed, 27″ rims, Schwinn GT 100 derailleur, side pull brakes, chrome fenders, kickstand, new whitewall tires, $175.

The Schwinn Varsity did more to change America’s relationship to bicycling than any other model ever. In the 60’s, when bicycling began to catch fire among the general public, after a long period of dormancy, the Varsity was the sensible choice for millions of casual riders who wanted an affordable, dependable bike. Introduced in 1959 – originally as an 8-speed-  it was manufactured through 1986, when a new generation of lighter Japanese & European bikes appealed to the deeper pockets of a more sophisticated market.

When the production run was finally over, the Schwinn Varsity had been manufactured in greater numbers than any other single model of derailleur geared bike in the world ever.

Even today, it has a loyal following – how many bike models have a Facebook page?

All original parts on this classic: seat, shifters, derailleur – the works. Just remember to wear your white socks.

3. Louison Bobet, 50 cm lugged Mixte frame, 15 speeds, 27″ rims, quick release, center pull brakes, Huret derailleur, fenders, retro pump mount. $450

What a beauty! The contrasting color make the lugs pop. This line of bikes is named after the legendary French racer, but this elegant mixte frame is built for a comfortable ride.


More about Louison Bobet at http://davesbikeblog.squarespace.com


4. Specialized Rockhopper, grayish, 48cm double butted chromalloy, 21 speed,  26″ whitewall tires, Shimano Alivio derailleur & crank, center pull brakes, bottle mounts, quick release wheels. $200

The  Specialized Rockhopper changed bicycle history with its introduction in 1981. It was the first mass-produced mountain bike at the dawn of the era, when bicyclists discovered a whole new world. Its well-suited for exploring the wilderness & yet also oddly appropriate for the bumpy streets of the D.

The cushy tires & the rockhoppery charm of this ride sorely tempted us to drop it off the roof to see how high it would bounce. But Shayne convinced us that that honor belongs to whoever claims this bike as their own.


5. Schwinn, Red (fresh powder coat!), 53 cm lugged frame, single speed, 700c AS23x aluminum rims, new Continental Ultrasport, new Cloud 9 saddle, bottle mount,  new chain, new crank, new brake levers. new grips. $400

This ride shows off our new powdercoating service, during which we strip a bike down to a bare frame, clean, paint, powder coat & rebuild, remove any trace of evidence of whatever unspeakable crime making the bike shiny & colorful as the day it was hatched. You have to love the new paint with those chrome forks. With Schwinn dependability & a whole new drivetrain, this bike is going to last until the sun burns out, or you, whichever goes first.


6. Riteway Pasteur, orange red, 7 speed, 15″ frame, 26″ quick release wheels, V brakes, BelAir SDG saddle, water bottle mount. $250

Riteway mountain bikes are generally regarded as superior to their long-time rivals, Rongway bikes (known for their innovative, if poorly received, decision to switch the positions of headset & the crank). This Riteway Pasteur, named for Louis Pasteur, is a sturdy ride with big comfortable tires & the added advantage of both Presta & Schrader valves.


CEO, Riteway Bicycles

7. Schwinn Twinn, Exceptionally Yellow, single speed, 50 cm, 26″ wheels, coaster brake rear, side pull brake in front, chain guard. $400

Shiny chrome, a yellow frame brighter than the sun, sporty handlebars – this ride makes such a dramatic statement that both of you will have arrived before you even get there.



8. Schwinn Voyageur, Forest Green & black, 15 speed, 63cm, 27″ quick release wheels, Shimano Light Touch derailleur, center pull brakes, all original 1986 stock parts, kickstand, back rack, air pump, bottle cage. $500.

This is a tall, handsome bike – the black handlebar tape really works with green. There are spacers for front rack stays halfway down the front fork. But for a tiny dent on the top of the top tube, it’s in excellent shape.



9. Schwinn Tandem, Lisbon Brown with Fiery Orange grips, single speed, 45cm front/48cm back, 26″ wheels with whitewall tires, new pedals, grips, comfy E-gel saddle in rear, side-pull brake in front, heavy duty coaster brake in rear. $300.

Nothing compares with the feeling of cruising with the one you love on a bicycle built for two, popping wheelies & sailing off ramps, or just bunny hopping down Woodward. The poseurs on their puny little BMXs will be envious.




The color of the grips offsets the frame perfectly.


10. Shogun Cr Mo 400, 53cm Diamond frame. Sold Shogun Cr Mo 400, 49cm Mixte frame. Both are maroon 7 speed Pro-Built bikes (& so have all new components), Tektro R539 dual pivot side pull brakes, 700C hand build Velocity quick release wheels, Shimano Acera drive train, lugged Tange Champion tubing. New everything on a pair of matching frames. Each $600.

Twins! (Separated at rebirth, as it turns out.) These bikes are pristine. The messenger style single crank has a deep dish chain ring with a thickness that increases radially. It’s  built to last. Many flourishes to love here: elegant lugs, a clear readout on the shifter, the beautiful lugs, the mixte frame. That’s a rider, baby!



Sold Volkscycle, Plum with white handlebar tape, 51cm lugged frame, 16 speed, new 700c Mavic CXP22 rims, Continental Ultra Sport tires, quick release, Shimano SPD pedals, Shimano side pull brakes, SunTour ACD-6000 Accushift derailleur/shifter, Specialized Ariel saddle. $325

Oh baby. After a winter of hard work by our mechanics, our shop floor is crowded with rebuilt bikes. Trying to pick one to feature momentarily paralyzed us with indecision. But this one leapt out at us. The aluminum alloy Mavic rims are known for durability, & they’re CNC milled (with a diamond point!) for better braking. According to Big Joe, the technical term for this is “super beefy”. The SPD pedals are for making serious time. & just look at the paint job on the lugs. This is one beautiful rider.


VolkscyclePlum Sold Peugeot, Mariner Blue with extremely yellow handlebar tape, 12 speed, 56 cm, Huret derailleurs, Weinman brake levers, quick release 27″ wheels. $200

Peugeot is a classic French bicycle manufacturer, founded in 1830, though they didn’t actually get around to producing bikes until 1882, starting with a hand-built penny-farthing. Penny-farthings are not the ideal ride for Detroit’s streets (although they do look great in the Thanksgiving Parade), so instead we’re offering this beauty. You might want to remove the spoke reflectors, though. We’ve learned int the Back Alley Wheel Building class that they’ll stress your spokes. Besides, with those handlebars you will most certainly be seen.

Peugeot12Blue Sold Trek racer, Brandeis blue, 14 speed, lugged Reynolds 531 56 cm frame, Shimano Dura-Ace shifters & derailleurs, Shimano 600 crank, quick release wheels, 700C Matrix rims, ThickSlick DuraStrip puncture resistant tires, NKS toeclips, Aero 8 saddle, bottle mount. $400

There is so much to love about this racer. It’s the fastest bike we’ve seen in a while, what with the Dura-Ace components, the Shimano crank, the ThickSlick tires. Those smooth tires may not be the wisest choice in wet weather (OK, they’re not), but otherwise their low friction is one less obstacle between you & the cracking sound you’ll hear as you break the sound barrier. Dura-Ace (with Ultegra) is the top of Shimano’s  line of derailleurs & shifters. The drivetrain is a marvel of precision engineering rivaled only by NASA’s Curiosity, now exploring Gale Crater on Mars.

Perhaps we exaggerate. But you can’t overpraise the frame – the  Reynolds 532, has a glorious history starting back in 1934. The double-butted manganese-molybdenum alloy tubing (you’ll want to practice that phrase in the shower, so you can drop it casually into conversation) has been for decades the standard against which other frames are judged.

The bike also has a “United States of America” sticker on the seat tube, so you know it’s an American bike made in America by Americans. Well, except for the frame, the derailleurs, the shifters …

Anyway the shadowed font on the seat tube is exquisite. Slow down once in a while so bystanders can admire it.




Sold Schwinn Collegiate, Canary Yellow 20″ step-through frame, 10 speed, 26″ wheels, side-pull brakes, chrome fenders, Sun Tour derailleurs, Mesinger saddle. $125

Out mechanics have been stockpiling bikes all winter, preparing for spring, so we have a lot of bikes right now. Here’s one row of our bikes for the budget-minded. There are some real bargains here. For instance, the step-through at the end of the line  has beautiful chrome fenders, & 10 speeds to go the distance.

SchwinnCollegiateStepThruYellowFront Sold Schwinn World Tourist, Deep sky blue, single speed, lugged 63 cm frame , new 27″ tires, side pull brakes, kickstand, chain guard, Vetta saddle. $175

Another large bike. Lucky for anyone who had their eye* on the giant Red Giant from last week – it’s gone. But this baby has its own charms. The sweep of the handlebars has a certain je ne sais quoi that fits perfectly with the white Vetta saddle & an unusual shade of more-or-less deep sky blue. Schwinn durability, the single speed simplicity – it’s a rolling work of art.

* The use of the singular “they”, avoiding a spurious gender assumption, goes farther back than Shakespeare’s day. It’s been cited in the OED since Victorian times. It’s more graceful than “his or her”. If some grammar Nazi objects to its use, tell them that history is not on their side.


Sold Maruishi RX-5, Navy Blue, 12 speed, 50 cm, Suntour α3000 derailleur, side-pull brakes, double-butted lugged chromalloy frame, quick release 700C wheels, water bottle mount. $325

Maruishi! Surely the most fun name in the bike universe. Beautiful lugs, nice contrasting red color in the grips & housing, intriguing crank. This one has a light, strong frame.




Sold Klein Mantra Comp, blue, 27 speed, 46 cm, Shimano XTR rear derailleur, Shimano Deore DX front derailleur, hubs, Avid V-brakes, full suspension with Manitou fork shocks, seat shock, Bel Air SDB saddle, $ask.

This is the most visually dramatic mountain bike we’ve seen in a long time. Perfect for climbing the Appalachian Mountains on your way to crossing the Everglades, or maybe just hanging out at the Packard factory to try out your bike parkour moves.


Sold Giant RS930, Red, 12 speed, 64 cm (!), 700C high pressure tires, side pull brakes, quick release wheels, lugged chromoly frame, Suntour α3040 derailleur, water bottle mounts, toeclips. $300

You must be this tall to ride this ride.  It’s the largest we’ve seen in a while, & it’s a beaut. With the toeclips, the drop bars & the down tube-mounted shifters it’s built for speed. There’s a tiny dent on the top tube, but the lugs are so staggeringly beautiful no one will notice.


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  1. July 10, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    Dear hubofdetroit,
    You break my heart with all of your ‘SOLD’ bicycles. How will I find my Columbia, Golden Fizz with banana seat now?

    • James
      July 11, 2012 at 9:10 pm

      I feel your pain. Even now, weeks later, I yearn for that Burning Orange Fuji Special Tourer. It was so … Burning Orange.


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