Bike of the Far Future As Seen From the Distant Past


Oh baby, there is just so much to love about this exuberantly retro-futuristic beauty. Consider all the bright & unspoiled chrome; if you come in the shop, ask Pleas, who’s working the counter, to point out the curlicue at the back of the back rack & the Buck Rogers angles of the chain guard & other details. Notice the checker pattern on the seat tube, & the graceful swoop of the cantilever frame, so much more fluid than a classic diamond frame.

The 3 speed hub in the back is branded J.C. Higgins, but it sure looks like a Sturmey-Archer, what with the indicator spindle (See the tiny chain?) emerging from the rear axle. There’s a little pulley to guide the cable from shifter. Pretty much everything on this bike is original but the tires, & even they have the coolest valve stem caps ever.

J.C. Higgins, named after a Sears Employee with an appealing name,  was the Sears Roebuck line of sporting goods from 1908 to 1961, when it was replaced by the Ted Williams line.  The real John Higgins died 3 years later (the official Sears site) or 11 years earlier (according to Wikipedia). They’ve worked the name into the chain ring.

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