Pretty & Powerful


At first glance this bike might appear to be one of those faux-retro nostalgia deals that look better than they ride. But look closer: it’s a 10 speed with a very respectable pair of derailleurs, really nice riser handlebars, & fenders to protect you from rain & slush. You do ride in the snow, don’t you? Because this is an all-weather bike, suitable for the upcoming months when Amaterasu the Sun Goddess will be chilling in her cave, while you cruise the streets in style.

In fact, you could join us January 26 for Bike the Blizzard, our annual fundraiser, when we peddle around Detroit from midnight to midnight. It’s a blast!

But wait, you say. Is my bike ready for winter? Funny you should ask…

On December 1, the weekly Adult Mechanics Class (which you are welcome to attend every Sunday 2:00 – 4:00, don’t be late) will be devoted to winterizing your bike. Heather will teach you all you need to know, & help you through the process of your own bike.

* or maybe Light Coral?


This bike has already been sold, it’s just an example of bikes we might have available.

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