January 14th, 2018 Starting at 12am.
All riders gather pledges to help fund Back Alley Bikes’ programs. This is not a group ride with an entrance fee. All riders are asked to raise a minimum of $50. Riders will be riding at different times; some solo, some together throughout the 24 hours. Teams are encouraged! Riders have access to the workshop during the ride (for repairs and adjustments) there is a SAG vehicle on call for all 24 hours; and meals + access to snacks and hot drinks will be provided during the ride.


In 2013 12 of us rode for a total of 610 miles and raised just over $3,000!

2014 had 25 riders putting in a total of 1,400 miles and raising over $6,500!

2015 saw 50 riders going 3,338.2 miles and over $14,000 in donations, the biggest ride and most we’ve ever raised!

In 2016, there were about 40 riders going over 3,000 miles and raising just over $11,000!

In 2017 we had 40 riders raising over $13,000


You can register online. Click the button with the words “Set Up Your Fundraiser” to start.

We’re riding on January 14th, from midnight-to-midnight. More details here and in e-mail updates.
  • You don’t have to fund raise online! We print donation envelopes to collect pledges by cash & check, and it’s perfectly acceptable to just do that. Just email me back that you want an envelope and that you intend to fund raise the old fashioned way, I’ll collect some information from you, and all you need to do is get your $50 turned in by the 14th.


Check out all the riders to donate to.

Information on how to volunteer or provide food coming soon.

Information on Partnerships/Sponsorships coming soon

All Inquiries can be directed to