I know that many of you may have some issues with what I’m about to post.  If I was in your shoes I might as well.  I’m about to post a video from a large corporation that helps promote them.  The Hub is a grass roots organization with radical ties and we shouldn’t be helping these folks out.

But that isn’t how the world works, or at least our world.  The Hub sees all sorts of folks.  We get anarchist bike punx, soccer moms, retired auto workers and children of all walks of life coming through our doors.  We are trying to find a new model that breaks away from capitalism and is community oriented.  But if we are pushing anything, it is bicycle education, not economics.

So when Carhartt, a Michigan based company for over 100 years, approached us about partnering with them, we were skeptical.  However, I must say that they were truly into what we are doing and worked with our schedule so both parties could have a positive outcome.  We don’t regret working with Carhartt one bit. They aren’t opportunistic ruin pornographers but people who actually care about the city they were founded in.

So with all that build-up, here is a video from Carhartt featuring our very own Joey and Carlisha. The video is to help promote a contest Carhartt is having to fund a building project generated in Detroit.  It looks really smooth and you might recognize a few other folks in the video as well: