• LIVE Bike Tour to end bullying

    I’m happy to share some video with you of a new friend of the Hub.  May I introduce John Tre’vor (aka JT) who has started LIVE which stands for: Love, Inspire, Visualize, Experience.  After speaking in schools around Detroit he has decided to take his show on the road and talk to youth throughout the Read more

  • Detroit Community Schools

    Hello everyone, As you noticed from yesterday’s post, there is a holiday this week.  That means that our programming office will be closed down the rest of the week.  So I may just skip posting a Friday Opinion piece this week to give you a rest from my ramblings. However, I didn’t want to leave Read more

  • Just for fun

    I know I’m playing into the whole “viral video” thing and really we should be producing our own media at the Hub. But until then, I wanted to share a video. In a few short hours I’ll be going to work to help with our Youth Earn-a-Bike program. This video shows how I think our Read more

  • Can Motorists Do Right?

    Disclaimer: This article is the opinion of Jason X and does not necessarily represent the Hub as a whole. With only a few minutes left on my lunch break before I go back to my day job, I wanted to get a few words out on this blog that I’ve meant to put down for Read more

  • Some thoughts about touring

    The tips section of the website has become stale and every time I’m at the shop, we always have a new thing to talk about concerning bikes. Certainly we can add more info! The other night I was thinking about my own and my friends recent bike touring and thought I would share some ideas. Read more

  • Winter commuting tips from Tim

    There are many challenges facing you when deciding to keep on riding when the weather gets cold, snowy and icy. You can make more excuses to add to Detroit specific problems of huge potholes, stop sign running drivers and the amount of broken glass and scrap metal that litter our streets. But, it’s still so much more fun getting where you’re going by bike, you just have to prepare for it.

  • Cone Suck

    After encountering this peculiar form of bicycle malady a few times over the past couple of weeks, I feel compelled to devote some thought to the rather particular phenomenon known as Cone Suck. Cone Suck, defined as the condition wherein the drive-side cone on the rear hub gets “sucked” into the center of the hub Read more

  • Hot Patching

    Hot patching, better known as the practice of setting the rubber cement on fire when patching an inner tube, occupies a special place in the folk bicycle wisdom of Detroit. While it lends a touch of magic to the most basic and common form of bicycle repair, instructions for hot patching “properly” are notoriously hard to come by and advice on the subject varies widely depending upon whom one relies for information.