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 What do I get out of donating?

Back Alley Bikes is a 501(c)3  non-profit organization. You should always check with your accountant or a tax professional before claiming a deduction for your donation. If you desire a receipt for your donations for this purpose, please inform us before you donate so we can better assist you.

By donating you also get the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to our effort to get youth on bikes and moving around the “motor-free” city!

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  1. mary schultz
    October 1, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    I have 4 bikes I would like to donate. I am wondering if you have someone around Oxford MI that would pick them up instead of me bringing them downtown.
    I know this is a huge request, but thought it was worth a try…
    2 bikes are more for a 10-11 year old boy and the other 2 are adult bikes. All of them are classified as mountain bikes, but they were inexpensive bikes, so they really don’t ride that well on mountain trails–they have many gears, but they don’t necessarily function that well. They have not been used much at all–my sons quickly became good mountain bikers and have since purchased better quality bikes. And, they were purchased as extra bikes to keep at a cabin, but then we had to sell the cabin, so we no longer needed all the bikes. My son took one of them apart for parts and put parts back on, so I am not sure about that one…anyway, please contact me if this is worth it for The Hub, or if someone happens to live out this way and wants to pick them up.

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