Hey ya’ll,

In celebration of the solstice, or of African American heritage, or of the coming of the Christ child, or…crap, we already missed the Jewish festival of lights!  So many things happen in December we can’t keep up so we are just gonna take a little time off.  Here are the details:

The Hub of Detroit:
Closed Mon, the 24th – Thurs, the 27th

The Hub of Detroit will return to regular hours opening on Friday, the 28th.

Back Alley Bikes:
Closed Mon, the 24th – Tues, the 1st
So no YEAB on the 29th and no Adult Mechanic Class on the 30th.
Also, no volunteer nights on the 26th or 27th.

There will be a volunteer orientation on the 2nd of January.  As always for Back Alley Bikes programming you can check the calendar on our website for updates.

See ya next year!