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      Joel Howrani-Heeres


       Sarah Colgrove

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Joe Aasim


Joe Aasim is one of the more versatile strains of homo sapiens sapiens. He has the mental agility of over-tested lab rats, the brute strength of a shrewdness of silverbacks arranging themselves in a manner that resembles Voltron, and the problem-solving capabilities of a task force subcommittee of the cutest, furriest, mammals that have ever had their brains cored with electrodes and buzzed their way through mazes and puzzles. Sometimes he plays the violin. And he loves yelling.

Likes include, but are not limited: literacy, wordplay, s-wordplay, wreckage, construction, food, and the American South. Dislikes include, but are limited: The FDA, christopher columbus, orientalism, industrial media, the FDA, and westerns. JDR Tanner can generally be found; however, he can also specifically lose his place, over and over. JDR Tanner is a Jack of all trades as his photo suggests.

Liz Innes


*bio coming soon*




Mike Le


 One of the youngest on the collective, Mike came to Detroit and quickly found BAB and soon found himself volunteering on Wednesdays. Soon after, Mike would teach the summer programs and then manage the weekly programs at Back Alley Bikes. Two years later Mike joined the Collective, bringing in a creative touch to Back Alley Bikes. From being a collective member, Mike hopes to help the organization anyway he can as well as pick up one or two things along the way.

James McMullen

Not really James

James McMullen doesn’t sleep. James is a native Detroiter but went to live in San Francisco for a while where he helped develop a bunch of maps for what would eventually be the “biking” directions on google. Upon returning to Detroit James decided to fix everything. He began to volunteer at Back Alley Bike, but could also be found building the Mount Elliot Makerspace and getting jiggy with it at OmniCorp Detroit.  Back Alley Bikes was fortunate to claim him as part of the collective in 2011.

You’ll find James adding class to the Cass Corridor riding the “Yuppie Nightmare”, his dutch city bike.

Joe Michel

Joe Michel has super powers. He takes  children’s toys and hacks them into industrial music making machines. Currently he is working on a “tractor bike” that puts a Pugsley to shame. Joe has bent a frame to accommodate an extra large tire that he is making out of inner tube meant for a tractor. Joe joined the collective in 2011 in hopes of making things weirder around here.

Joe is also known as “Mr. Fishboy” when making industrial music made from hacked instruments. If you were lucky enough to be at the Feb 2012 benefit concert you got to see him perform.

Heather Nugen


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Kyle Wiswall

100_3182[1]Kyle Wiswall has been working on, with, or about bikes since 2006. He is a founding member of Detroit City Aternative Transport, an advocacy group helping to create safer streets and reduce car dependancy. He’s lived thru years in the wine industry, been a ski instuctor and an attorney, and once ignobly appeared on Geraldo.




Heather Nugen (Executive Director)


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Leslie Wacker (Operations and Communications Manager)

100_3194[1]Leslie moved to Detroit after almost a decade of touring internationally in punk bands of the circus, brass, skiffle, and cabaret variety – making ends meet through pedicabbing, busking, and manual labor. She came to biking through a tall/chopper bicycle club at the ripe age of 22 and has since worked pedicab on all three coasts, even winning 2nd place female cargo bike champion at the 2008 CMWC.

She moved to Detroit two years ago to co-start Freighty Cat, a cargo bike company, under which she now operates Bike-ro Distro. Leslie was one of the first paid employees at Southwest Rides and has since worn a number of hats at BAB. She has never owned a car and bike commutes every day.

Mike Le (Program Leader)

100_3184[1]Mike is from the East Coast on the small Island, Rhode. He came to Detroit to start a life as an Industrial Design student at the College for Creative Studies. When he’s not at School, he makes pots on the wheel, fiddles with graphics on the computer, teaches, and listens to jazz on the toilet. Oh, he also rides his bike with wrong size crank arms that he should replace. Someday.

Zachariah Wahid (Offsite Program Manager)

100_3186[1]Zachariah is passionate about working with compassionate, forward-thinking people to improve the quality of peoples’ social and natural environments, which is why he feels extremely fortunate to be one of the newest members of the BAB team. Like many of his peers and coworkers, Zachariah rides his bike year-round and enjoys repairing, customizing, and scrapping used bikes. His interests outside of the shop include cooperative houses and businesses, exploring The City of Detroit, reading about social and scientific theory, climbing (almost) anything, and eating meals with his friends and housemates.



Bob Siegert

100_3177[1]Bob is a hardcore Motown collector and retired punk musician who can often be seen in the coolest of record shops in the Detroit area or immersed in a vintage Schwinn project.

He has been working on bikes in a shop setting since the age of thirteen. It all began at a Schwinn dealership in 1979 and the passion has never dissipated, it has just burned brighter and brighter. Bob still has his childhood classic Stringray and can be spotted riding all over Detroit on it. Along with his wife Madiha, Bob also co-owns Sexy Bikes, a Detroit-based bicycle company that specializes in vintage bicycles.

Brad Potts

100_3176[1]Brad has worked at The Hub for two years. He finds the talent and diversity of the staff invigorating. Always something new to learn, a story to inspire, and a friendship to be forged; every day at the bike shop is interesting.

Brad has been commuting for seven years – through rain, shine, or snow. His favorite bikes are his 1978 Motobecane Grand Touring and his 1995 Parkpre Specter Comp. His love of two wheels carries over into the modification and restoration of 1970’s era mopeds. He is a founding member of MCR- a social club recognized nationwide.

James Stephenson (Mechanics Manager)


 James likes fixing bikes.


A lot.


Joseph Landis (Inventory Manager)

100_3187[1]Joseph Landis has worked at The Hub of Detroit for over three years as a mechanic and customer service manager. He enjoys riding in the morning, afternoon, and evening; eating sturdy dark greens, rice, miso soup, and buffalo meat; yoga, saunas, dancing, sitting in the shade on hot days, swimming and hiking.

Joseph runs a recycling business in the city called Detroit Greencycle, works on small carpentry projects, and plans to study massage therapy and other forms of preventive healing techniques throughout 2015. He has been known to give the advice, “keep it clean, stay calm, and breath…”

Kyle Wiswall (General Manager)


Kyle also likes fixing bikes.


(See more in collective bio above!)



Yasmine Abu-Soud

100_3180[1]Yasmine was born in Texas and grew up in Ohio. She spends her time drawing, painting, glassblowing, unicycling, learning, cooking, smelling things, hanging out at the art museum, and playing the cumbus saz. Favorites include the ocean, solidarity, disorientation, the smell of oranges, and vivid colors. Least favorite thing ever is the smell of her moldy fridge. She would like to learn how to how to weld, surf, make shoes, paraglide, and snowboard.




Bosco has been riding bikes since he was found (in a shopping cart) at the tender age of eight weeks, although he generally prefers to run alongside these days. He is normally spotted behind the counter or checking on the backroom mechanics. His favorite tool is the air compressor.