We just finished our annual Safe Streets Youth Ride yesterday.  It went amazing and I’m really thankful for all our friends such as the Mount Elliot Makerspace, East Side Riders, Avalon, Motor City Racing (a bike team we sponsor) and all the Youth Earn-a-Bike parents and kids.

To keep this awesome momentum going I present to you:

The Hub of Detroit Bike Progressive Dinner Fund Raiser!

So how does this work?
Well for $25 you get a map to dinner including 5 locations serving different courses of the meal.  We’ll be meeting at the shop at 3pm on Sunday, September 18th
.  Those that want to guide themselves to each stop can do so.  For those that want to ride in a group, there will be ride leaders available.

What kind of food?
Food is being prepared locally by Neighborhood Noodle, Suddenly Sauer, Organaman and more.  There are definitely going to be vegan options available at every stop.

What do I need?
$25!  Register online!  (https://www.wepay.com/tickets/hubprogdinner) or come into the shop to pay with cash.  You must register by September 11th.  Also, you will need a bike in working order.

Sound good?  I think it does!  See ya’ll then!
– jason x