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In 2008 The Hub of Detroit opened in response to community demand and as a way to help fund raise for Back Alley Bikes.  Little did we know that having a retail front on Cass would be one of the best advertising campaigns Back Alley Bikes would ever embark on.

The Hub of Detroit is a retail shop, but it is also an information Hub for what is happening in the Back Alley Bikes community.  Also, we must mention that 100% of used bike and part sale profits go to benefit Back Alley Bikes.  The Hub is more than a bike part, it is more than a bike shop.

The Retail Shop Menu photo by Carlisha Johnson

With that said many folks wonder what we sell in our shop.  Here is a list of a few things:

Bikes for sale photo by Jason

  • We sell “new to you” (used) bikes ranging from~$70-$200 depending on the bike.  Yes, we sell bikes.
  • We do sell a limited number of “new to you” NEW bikes currently including a popular adult tricycle model.
  • We sell new parts – you need a lock, lights, rack, handlebar tape, tools or a mirror?  We can get that for you.  We keep much of it in stock, but if we don’t have it, ask and we can probably order it.
  • We sell used parts – selection is limited, but being that we get donations from folks there is a chance you can save a few bucks on that repair if we have a used part as a replacement.
  • We do repairs – Did your bike break down?  We can fix it for you.  Anything that requires the bike going into the stand is a $5 minimum cost.  However, bring your bike in for us to give you the best estimate on a repair.

Retail Shop Tips:

  1. Bring your bike in during the winter!  Everyone wants to ride in the Spring and Summer.  If your bike has been sitting in a basement all winter, it is probably collecting dust and needs a tune up.  If you come into the shop in February, we need the money.  We’ll probably give you a discount and you’ll get your bike back faster.  Bring your bike in during June?  We’ll fix it, but the turn around time is going to be much longer.
  2. If you only need to tighten up a bolt or get some air real quick we have a wrench and air hose available outside our front door in the warm months.  Drop by and get some air and tighten up your stem bolt – won’t cost you a thing.  Just don’t block the sidewalk – remember we need to share with other road users!
  3. If you buy a used bike from us, your first tune up is free (a $50 value).  You don’t get that on craigslist!

Any more questions?  Call the retail shop at 313.833.0813 or stroll over to the “contact us” page on this website.

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