Hey everyone,
I told you a few weeks ago that I was attending the second annual Youth Bike Summit along with Carlisha.  I gave you some updates about what took place there, but luckily the Recycle-a-Bicycle media/promotional team were there to do a much better job.  Here are some links to check out:

Opening speeches by a youth leader, Recycle-a-Bicycle’s executive director and a congresswoman.

West Town Bikes in Chicago got a lot of press from their presentation at the conference.  Here is another story and yet another one here too.

We had visitors from the United Kingdom come share a video with us all.

And do you like pictures?  Of course you do, see if you can find Carlisha in there somewhere, I don’t think I made the cut.

Finally, one more video from Streetfilms that is an overview of the summit.

Feel inspired to get involved yet?  Yeah, I know there is snow and ice outside, but check out all this media while you are hiding inside and get excited!