Meg Marotte

Operations and Communications Manager

Meg came to Detroit to work on community gardening projects and urban agriculture but found her way to Back Alley Bikes through her passion for teaching and promoting healthy living. She loves learning new skills and working with her hands. In her spare time she helps put out a local independent newspaper and goes kayaking on the Detroit River.



Zachariah Wahid

Off-site Program Manager

Zachariah is passionate about working with compassionate, forward-thinking people to improve the quality of peoples’ social and natural environments, which is why he feels extremely fortunate to be working on off-site programming at BAB. Like many of his peers and coworkers, Zachariah rides his bike year-round and enjoys repairing and customizing used bikes. His interests outside of the shop include cooperatives, exploring, reading about social and scientific theory, climbing, and eating meals with his friends and housemates.