Myrna Capela

My commitment lies not only with being present and available for Youth Programming and Board Meetings at Back Alley Bikes but also seeing how I can participate in bringing that programming to the Puritan and Greenlawn area.  My sons and I depend on our bikes for 75% of our transportation needs and it is one of my goals to get more of my neighbors, my students, and adults in the area to be more cycling aware, to own more bikes and to see cycling as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

Alice Bagley

I am a year round cycling commuter and use my bike to operate my own business.  For me having a good bicycle opens up the whole city- and I want more people and youth to have that opportunity. I would love to bring my skills, experience and enthusiasm to helping support Back Alley Bikes. I am consistently excited about the work that you all do. I’m on the front of the bike,

Sherry McLaughlin

I found out about BAB three years ago and have been eager to get involved in any way possible. As a visionary, entrepreneur, bike geek and triathlete, BAB offered me the opportunity to volunteer in an organization where my interests intersected. I took a couple of the Adult Mechanic classes prior to signing up for the first Wrench, Learn and Give class. I have a heart for working with youth and admire cities where cycling has become the primary mode of transportation. I wish for the bicycle to open up the world to people in the city of Detroit. I would love to lend my expertise in business, organization and creating vision wherever the board sees fit.

Todd Scott

Todd Scott is the Executive Director of the Detroit Greenways Coalition. The Coalition is a non-profit organization with a vision for a strong, healthy, vibrant City of Detroit and surrounding region where a seamless network of greenways, green spaces, blue ways and complete streets is an integral part of people’s active lifestyle including day-to-day transportation and recreation.

Scott began working with the Coalition in 2008 as Detroit Greenways Coordinator for the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance (MTGA). He has led advocacy efforts and helped encourage much greater support for trails and biking in Detroit. Scott is also a board member of the Detroit Eastside Community Collaborative and co-chairs the Active Living sub-committee of the Detroit Food and Fitness Collaborative.

Prior to working in Detroit, Scott did trail planning for the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and was executive director for the Michigan Mountain Biking Association. In his spare time he enjoys exploring Detroit on bike and ultra-running.

Hannah Kelly

Board Secretary

Hannah (Hank) Kelley is a city planner based in Detroit. She works professionally as a Transportation Planner, including on projects like protected bicycle facilities, non-motorized master plans and integration of transit and bicycles. Kelley is a citizen member of the City of Detroit Non-motorized Facilities External Task Force. She believes that bikes are an integral part of our transportation network and that there are countless positive spillover effects from this sociable, fossil-free mode of transportation. Kelley has volunteered for and organized many bike rides in the city over the years. Her current bike is a yellow-colored number called macaroni bike, which gets out on the road for part of every week.

Jack VanDyke

Board President

My name is Jacob VanDyke. I live with my wife and two sons on the east side of Detroit. Three times a week, I do bicycle delivery for my wife’s food production company. I like riding around the city on my own, and I also participate in large group rides like the Slow Roll. In 2005, I started volunteering with Back Alley Bikes, and my involvement continued until I left the collective in 2013. This organization is very close to my heart, and I am honored with the opportunity to serve on its board. I feel especially compelled to serve in this capacity as the father of two children. As a parent, I have new respect for the organization’s work and mission.