Yasmine Abusoud

Andrea West

Leslie Wacker

Leslie moved to Detroit after almost a decade of touring internationally in punk bands of the circus, brass, skiffle, and cabaret variety – making ends meet through pedicabbing, busking, and manual labor. She came to biking through a tall/chopper bicycle club at the ripe age of 22 and has since worked pedicab on all three coasts, even winning 2nd place female cargo bike champion at the 2008 CMWC.

She moved to Detroit two years ago to co-start Freighty Cat, a cargo bike company, under which she now operates Bike-ro Distro. Leslie was one of the first paid employees at Southwest Rides and has since worn a number of hats at BAB. She has never owned a car and bike commutes every day.

James McMullen

James McMullen doesn’t sleep. James is a native Detroiter but went to live in San Francisco for a while where he helped develop a bunch of maps for what would eventually be the “biking” directions on google. Upon returning to Detroit James decided to fix everything. He began to volunteer at Back Alley Bike, but could also be found building the Mount Elliot Makerspace and getting jiggy with it at OmniCorp Detroit.  Back Alley Bikes was fortunate to claim him as part of the collective in 2011.

You’ll find James adding class to the Cass Corridor riding the “Yuppie Nightmare”, his dutch city bike.