Judith Feist

Judith Feist comes to Detroit by way of North Dakota. Working with their hands Judith is also a maker of things and has been spending most of their time these past two years working on a Masters of Fine Arts in printmaking at Wayne State.
Enjoying the simplicity that comes with riding a bicycle, Judith has been car free for over 6 years and enjoys the freedom that comes with exploring Detroit on two wheels. “I think I refall in love with this city every time I hop on my bike…”
(photo credit: Blake Yard)

Tommie Dooley


When I was 11, a bike saved my life when it took the impact in a car crash. I started fixing bikes, tweaking and playing around with mechanics at 14, which is when I first noticed I loved fixing stuff.

I have worked at The Hub of Detroit for a bit over a year now, and I like working here because I like making people ride safe. I see a lot of DIY fixes that are unsafe, so I enjoy providing this service to the community!

Naheem Browne

Service Manager

Naheem moved to Detroit 2 years ago from New Jersey to attend the College for Creative studies for Transportation Design.

Always eager to learn, he volunteered and worked at his local bike shops which led him to work to Detroit Bikes, and The Hub of Detroit.

He is a cycling commuter with roots in BMX and trail riding.

Jeff Getten

Shop Manager

Years ago I decided to dedicate my life to a career in the cycling industry, as much of my life has been spent around bikes. My success lies with my personal integrity, strong work ethic, and knowledge of the products I represent. I thrive on learning and teaching the details that make a great company shine. Connecting and engaging with those interested or involved in the cycling world inspires and drives me. This in turn perpetuates my energy and passion, both in my personal and professional life, reinforcing that decision I made years ago.