Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Practices

Some people think Detroit is a trashed wasteland. There are abandoned parts of our city, but like our donated bikes, we believe they are rebuildable. There are also many strong, beautiful parts of our city and we believe that much like the bikes we ride, they are maintainable.

We help take bikes out of the waste stream by giving them a place to go besides the dump. What we cannot build into ridable bikes, we reuse and turn into artwork such as bike racks. If that is not possible we recycle as much as we can in both our retail shop and our educational space. Unlike some shops, you won’t ever find usable bike parts in our trash can.

We also utilize both donations and volunteers as a way to not profit from our community, but to remain rooted in it. The collective may have the most time to sit down and make decisions about the shop, but our volunteers and donors make it all possible.

– The Hub of Detroit Collective

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