There are a number of ways for folks to help out around here. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working on bikes your whole life, or if you just started riding for the first time two hours ago and find yourself really inspired about getting involved. We’ll teach you what you need to know – either in workshops during our general volunteer nights, Bike Church, or Wrench, Learn and Give.

Volunteer Opportunities at Back Alley Bikes for Adults (18 and older)

  1. General Volunteer Nights:  During volunteer nights, volunteers help us maintain our space by sorting donations, building bikes for our Youth Give-a-Way program, cleaning the space and general upkeep of our warehouse. General Volunteers work in the shop on Wednesday nights from 5-8pm.

  2. Volunteer Youth Instructor: Volunteer youth instructors work with youth during our Youth Earn-a-Bike or Youth Ride Club program. Volunteer Youth Instructors are required to get a central registry clearance through the Department of Human Services and have a separate orientation to attend. To get your central registry clearance, please fill out this form and take it to your local DHS office. You can find your local DHS office at this link. (*note – this is all free) If you live nearby, we recommend going to the Canfield Office (we’ve found their staff to be super helpful.)
  3. Transport Volunteer: Transport volunteers assist us with their personal motor vehicles. Just be willing to donate some time and gas to picking up donations, delivering bikes to youth or helping us take scrap to the yard.

  4. Tabling Events: We need folks to go out into the community and talk about what our organization does. If you’re good at talking us up and like going out to interact with the community, let us know!

Sounds good. How do I sign up?

Fill out the application below, or find a paper copy in our shop – once we get it, we will contact you about next steps!