Here at Back Alley Bikes, we welcome these donations:

  • Bikes in any condition (we can scrap damaged frames and use the money for programs)
  • Bicycle parts in any condition
  • Bicycle accessories (racks, apparel, etc)
  • New locks for youth who have earned bikes
  • New helmets for youth (gender neutral, ideally)
  • Cash donations (tax-deductible!)
  • Your time as a volunteer – even if you’ve never fixed a bike, we can find you a way to help!

We would prefer that you don’t donate:

  • Used helmets (we cannot verify or guarantee their safety)
  • Non-bike related sports equipment (you’d be surprised how many hockey pucks we get…)
  • Used household tools (wrenches, screw drivers, etc).

We also have a *Wish List* of non-bicycle related items which would make us happier and the shop more comfortable for everyone:

  • New windows
  • Cotter Pin Press
  • Space heaters
  • Mouse pads for our computers
  • Assistance with painting the exterior of our building
  • A 10′-14′ box truck in decent shape (why not ask?)