Hey ya’ll,
It is cold outside.  Like serious.  Winter is definitely here, but things have failed to slow down here too much.  At the end of the year there, Back Alley Bikes took a week off, but getting back in the office has proven that there is still plenty happening!

One big thing coming up that you may know about is our Bike-a-Thon.  A little while ago when it wasn’t freezing out Heather and I came up with this idea to ride through January as far as we could so people would pledge money to us.  So far we’ve gotten about 10 others to join us and the pledges are rolling in.  I’ve been feeling pretty good about it.

At the end of December I did my best to get out and ride instead of staying inside where it is oh so warm.  In one weekend I ended up with three flat tires, two of which I changed on the side of the road.  I remembering thinking, as I sat on the side of Woodward and State Fair at 1am last week, “This isn’t so bad!”  I was trying to hot patch a tube but the glue would catch fire because it dried super fast being that it was freezing out.

I’m having second thoughts now.  Back then it was in the upper 20s!  It might have even been in the lower 30s temperature wise!  Coming into work this morning in the 15 degree weather I was thinking that, yes…yes it is so bad.
This Sunday looks like it is going to get back into the 20s.  And we’ll see how it goes.  Maybe saying that I was going to ride 100 miles on Sunday was a bad idea…or maybe it’ll be the best decision I’ve ever made.  Either way at midnight when Sunday starts I’ll be riding around the Cass Corridor doing what I do best, moving forward one pedal stroke at a time.

We will be riding up second and third then going back down Cass between I-75 and Grand Blvd.  So if you see us on Sunday, cheer us on, we could probably use it!