Youth Earn-A-Bike (YEAB) is Back Alley Bikes’ core program. It is offered February through December on Saturdays, 11am-2pm, as well as weekdays by appointment in the summertime. A permission slip and a waiver are required for youth to participate in our programs. These expire after one year.

“Y” is for youth (aged 10-17).

This is a time for youth to work with each other. There are adult staff and volunteers on hand to assist, but we will never take a tool out of anyone’s hand.

“E” is for earn.

Youth earn bikes through their own hard work, and are rewarded with the knowledge that this is indeed *their* bike.

“A” is for a, as in one.

Youth can only earn one bike per year. However, there are a number of ways for them to stay involved at any time.

“B” is for bicycle. We mean pedal bikes – no motors here! We teach kids how to repair and celebrate the vehicle that predated cars.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in Youth Earn-a-Bike, please download our YEAB Permission Slip and pass it along! Completed permission slips are required for Youth Earn-a-Bike and last for one year.

2016 Schedule

Spring & Fall
YEAB occurs between January through May and September through November in the fall. Classes meet once weekly on Tuesday evenings from 5-8pm. Youth need to register at least one week before the five week session starts. Youth must attend all five sessions and demonstrate an understanding of safe riding and repair techniques in order to earn their bike.

Summer Schedule
During summer break (late June until the end of August) our YEAB hours expand. We offer “Camp Earn a Bike” as a way for youth to complete our usual weekly EAB program in just one week! The sessions run Monady through Friday, 9am-noon, are by appointment only and require the same YEAB permission slip and commitment as mentioned above.


Youth Earn a Bike

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YEAB Session 2 Feb 9,2016 5:00 pm - Mar 8,2016 8:00 pm
YEAB Session 3 Mar 15,2016 5:00 pm - Apr 12,2016 8:00 pm
YEAB Session 4 Apr 19,2016 5:00 pm - May 10,2016 8:00 pm
YEAB Session 5 May 17,2016 5:00 pm - Jun 14,2016 8:00 pm