Hey all,So the most common questions we have been getting are. “How long is the ride?” and “What are we going to eat?” Well, I have answers for those questions!

The ride will be 15 miles total with those five stops along the way. If you can ride at least 4 miles at a time, you will be fine during this ride.

For the second question, I do not have the menu 100% done, but it is almost there. This is what I can tell you about the food.
Stop #1: Green Dot Stables – Mystery Meat or Black Bean Sliders
Stop #2: Goodwells Natural Food – Samosas
Stop #3: Anna Harris – To be determined
Stop #4: Brooklyn St Local – Poutine
Stop #5: Bobbie Sue and Scott Grenerth – Strawberry Rhubarb Cake

So you like Detroit, riding bikes and eating food? Well, this event combines all three with the proceeds going towards assisting Back Alley Bikes with our busiest summer ever.
This year we will have our Youth Earn-a-Bike and Youth Drop-In programs running five days a week, will be hiring four Mechanics-in-Training and offering our Adult Mechanic Class two days a week. The adult class has already expanded in May as well as our Youth Ride Club already beginning this past week.
To assist with all of this we have hired three really awesome folks to help lead our programs and with the addition of our four Mechanic in Training students our staff will be the biggest it has ever been at nine people. We can’t do this kind of stuff without having events such as this one.

So without further ado, get over to our registration website to sign up for the Progressive Dinner by Bicycle Ride. If you don’t have a credit card or don’t like paying for stuff online, give Jason a call at the Back Alley Bikes office (313.879.5072) to make other arrangements.