We are so excited to keep the Bike the Blizzard tradition going for our 11th annual!

Saturday, February 11th and Sunday, February 12th, 2023

Back Alley Bikes will bring in 2023 with our 11th annual Bike the Blizzard fundraising event. This year, riders can join organized rides and activities throughout the day on Saturday, February 11th and Sunday, February 12th. It will be a weekend full of adventure, accomplishment, and celebration with other brave Detroit riders! T2022 was our biggest year yet with 80 riders and over $22,000 raised. This year, we are counting on our community to come out like never before to help us continue to support youth riders and Detroit’s cycling community. 

Back Alley Bikes relies strongly on this annual fundraiser to keep our doors open, programs running, and to be the community spot the Detroit bike riders rely on! The rest of the year we are busy with our DIY open shop, educational classes, and getting bikes to youth in the city. We aim to further our youth Earn-A-Bike program and get more educational classes going in Spring 2023! Click here to learn more of Back Alley Bikes’ story.

Planning Has Begun

If you want to lead a ride or put on an activity for our event, feel free to reach out.
Email jai@backalleybikes.org to talk!

Registration Coming Soon

Check back soon for registration to be open.

Become A Sponsor

Want to be a sponsor for Bike the Blizzard 2023?
Please email jai@backalleybikes.org for more info.

Bike the Blizzard 2022

Riders outside of Back Alley Bikes all bundled up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my business or organization sponsor this event?

Yes! Monetarily or via prizes. We would love to talk to you! Email jai@backalleybikes.org and we can discuss how our organizations can support one another.

Could I help support with planning, leading a group ride, or outreach?

Yeah! Email: jai@backalleybikes.org with how you’d like to be involved.

Can I participate if I’ve never ridden a bike in the winter?

Absolutely. We would love to help get you prepared to ride comfortably. Feel free to drop by the shop, call, or email to talk tips, tricks, and safety of riding in winter months.

What if winter riding is absolutely not my thing?

If winter riding isn’t for you, you can still support Back Alley Bikes! You can buy a t-shirt, donate money to a registered rider, enter our raffle/silent auction, fundraise, or register a friend.

Riders out on a group ride in a past Bike The Blizzard

Can I ride solo? Or with a team? Do I have to go on group rides? How does it work??

Any of the above! You can ride solo the entire weekend and set you’re own routes. You can create a team and you all can ride on your own or in group rides. Or join us solo and find lots of other riders during our group rides. We encourage all riders to set goals for yourselves – whether that’s riding 15 or 150 miles, visiting different parts of the city, or getting on your bike 3 times during the weekend!

What about COVID-19?

Luckily, bike riding is a fairly safe activity when it comes to mitigating the spread of COVID-19. That being said, we will ask anybody who has been exposed recently or has symptoms to not attend for our community’s overall health. As the event gets closer, we will make decisions about the event space protocols, evening event, etc. based on CDC guidelines. We will keep you all updated on this and always encourage you to do what is best for your health.

Can I participate if I don’t live near Detroit?

Yes! We love participants from all over. Feel free to set your own goals, plan rides, and we would love to hear what you are up to.

Help! I’m having trouble registering!

Don’t give up yet! We’ll make it happen. Email jai@backalleybikes.org or call us at 313-833-0813 on Fridays 12-6 or Saturdays 12-6.

Other questions? Email jai@backalleybikes.org or stop into the shop/ call us at 313-833-0813 on Fridays 12-6 or Saturdays 12-6.

Check out some Bike the Blizzard history!

YearRidersMiles RiddenMileage ChampionFundraised
202167Jackson Robar (202)$20,868
202020 TeamsMike Benigni (80.5)$10,059.55
201928Jackson Robar (77)$5,592.00
2018571,074Brian McPherson (111)$14,351
2017402,034Alex Van Eenenaam (129)$13,000
201640Over 3,000Jordan Caverly (320)$11,000
2015503,338.2Jordan Caverly (202)$14,000
2014251,400Joey Asim & Doug (124)$6,500
201312610Joey Asim & Jason (100)$3,000