The Mechanic is Training Program at Back Alley Bikes takes five to six young people every summer and teaches them bike mechanics. We partner with Grow Detroit’s Young Talent to help fund the program which has been extremely successful over the last few years. Our young mechanics take a month learning about all bike parts and learning how to fix bikes. Once they “graduate” from the program, they are placed in bike shops in the city including The Hub, Wheelhouse Detroit, Back Alley Bikes and others.Dominique is one of this year’s young mechanics. She lives in Detroit and will graduateĀ from Cass Tech in June 2016. She is 17 years old and would like to attend the University of Michigan after she graduates and study biomedical engineering.She heard about the MIT program because she volunteered at Back Alley Bikes in the past. She thought we might have jobs available and stumbled upon the MIT program.

Dominique’s favorite part of the MIT program is learning about how bikes work….especially things she thought would be really easy and to see the complexity behind how they work. But she did add that the work became simple once she learned how to fix it.

As a MIT, she works at the Wheelhouse, helps with the Adult Mechanics Class and Youth Earn a Bike on Saturday. To get to work each day, she rides the bike she repaired here at Back Alley Bikes.

When asked what she think bikes can do for the world, she replied, “Bikes can change a person’s life. A bike can provide a fresh start. Cheer up your day and help you get to work. It opens up opportunities and can start a revolution.”

Dominique would also like you to know she rides skateboards and also knows how to fix them along with bikes. Welcome to Back Alley Bikes Dominique…it’s been great having you here this summer.