We are now offering a volunteer time for youth OF ALL AGES! That’s right, even if your child is younger than twelve, as long as you are here to volunteer along side them, they too can volunteer at Back Alley Bikes. As with any of programs, all participants must fill out a permission slip. Youth between twelve and eighteen do not need to be accompanied by a parent, although both need to sign this form.

All Ages Volunteer Night is on Thursdays, 5-8pm, all year.

This night is a fantastic opportunity for families to bond, youth to meet each other, and future Mechanics in Training to get their feet wet. Youth are also given the opportunity to volunteer and learn skills right alongside adults, a unique opportunity!

Youth who are not with an adult need to be ready to leave when the program ends (8pm). If they will be getting a ride, this is when it has to be here. If you are comfortable with your child riding/walking/busing themselves home after the program, please put that on the permission slip.